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Hikaru Uchida

He is a Tokyo born Japanese photographer. He moved to London when he was 19 years old. He started shooting photos in 2006. He was straight away absorbed into the world of photography. He strongly feels that you can express your passion, emotion and human greed more in Monochrome pictures. It is much more descriptive than colour photography in many possible ways...



He purchased 4th DSLR camera Nikon Df in Japan.
Try to use with Zeiss lenzes, he has declared to use manual focus not automatic and take his challenge to create his new photo style!


Forming London Photography Club
Along with fellow photographer Nobuyuki Taguchi, Hikaru formed London Photography Club in Nov. 2011. Now registered members increased to over 60. Hikaru still oragnise an event every months with Nobuyuki.


He purchased 3rd DSLR camera D3s in Japan.
A friend of his bought D3 about year before and he was taken aback to the quality of the low light pictures and wondering if he should purchase D700. Finally, he decided to wait due to the financial reasons and try to wait for the next new model. November 2009, he went back to Japan on vacation and decided to purchase this amazing toy. It did not disappoint him at all and he is spending most of his spare time with this camera.


He purchased 2nd DSLR camera in London.
He was just about to go on Holiday to Spain and could not tell his partner, but he went to Tottenham Court Road to buy new DSL. As he liked the Nikon, naturally chose D200 to upgrade the model. The picture quality was amazing that he could even convince his partner why he bought the new camera. Needless to say, he ended up taking all her photo during the holiday... He was very much satisfied apart from D300 came out few month later...


He purchased his 1st DSLR camera in London.
His work colleague had a Nikon D2x and he liked the solid body very much. As he was going on holiday to Japan, he purchased the first SLR Digital Camera. he was just shooting in JPEG for first 12 months as he did not even know what Raw format was ... But It was an amazing experience that the quality of the pictures were not comparable to portable cameras. I just had a 35-75mm Nikon lens came with the body. He absolutely tried everything he could think of, but could not get the pictures he really wanted to shoot.